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Code of Conduct
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General Code of Conduct

All committee members are required to attend meetings; if unable to attend, they should give the Chairman or Secretary prior notice. Failure to do so could result in fines or disciplinary action.

All playing members of Old Esthameians F.C. are expected to attend training; if you are unable to attend, you must advise a Team Captain.

It is essential that all players adhere to meeting times. Lateness may result in a fine and persistent lateness will result in that player being suspended from selection. If you know you are going to be late, contact and advise your Team Captain.

The dress code for teams is at the discretion of the Team Captains.

All players are expected to support/attend any fund raising event or function arranged by the club. (Support is vital to allow the club to keep membership costs and fees to the minimum).

All club members are expected to act in a sportsmanlike manner on or off the field of play, home and away, and to eliminate all abusive/racist language. Provocation will not be accepted as an excuse. The club has a good name, which will depend on the membersí good behaviour. Any member bringing the club name into disrepute will be liable to immediate suspension.

All playing members are liable for all fees and fines and must pay them on time, the club will not except any excuses - NO PAY NO PLAY!

The Management Committee reserves the right to amend the rules as and when they see fit for the benefit of the club.

Players who do not adhere to this code of conduct rules will be fined or disciplined by the Management Committee.

Any grievances or complaint has to be directed to the Management Committee or your Team Captain.

Match Day Code of Conduct


  1. The club expects fair play at all times.
  2. Shake hands with match officials and opponents after game, whatever the result.
  3. Do not become involved in disputes with officials, opponents or spectators.
  4. Do not use foul and abusive language.
  5. Let the referee handle incidents in the game, do not retaliate.
  6. Learn to win or lose with dignity.
  7. Treat changing rooms and facilities of the club and all clubs visited with respect.
  8. Remember you are representing your club. Conduct yourself properly at all times.


  1. Encourage your team players to participate in the correct spirit.
  2. Do not use foul and abusive language towards officials.
  3. Do not publicly criticize opposing players, officials or supporters.
  4. Take responsibility and calm any unruly behavior with your own supporters.
  5. Under no circumstances, enter the field of play unless requested by the referee.
  6. Under no circumstances must players or the team leave the field of play without the referee's consent.
  7. Any person who has been asked to act as a match official has the same authority as a qualified official. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure they are treated with respect.


  1. Remember that your conduct influences the mood of the players and the match.
  2. Do not abuse match officials. However much you disagree with the decisions.
  3. Encourage players from both sides and applaud their efforts.
  4. Do not ridicule players from either side for their mistakes.
  5. Do not applaud or cheer foul play and do not incite players to foul.
  6. Do not use foul and abusive language towards other spectators, players or officials.
  7. Stand back from the touchline at all times.
  8. Do not enter the field of play unless requested by the referee.
  9. Remember when supporting your team you are representing the club home or away. You are subject to the Laws of the Game, a referee has authority to caution you and report you to the authorities under whose jurisdiction the match is being played, and he has the right to ask you to leave the ground. Any untoward behavior would be deemed, as bringing the club into disrepute and the Management Committee will discipline the offending member.